Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my shopping list

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Above are just a few items on my list of many things that i need/want.My list goes on and on but in the above picture are just a few items that I'm hoping to have added into my wardrobe by the next week or two.I like to give myself a dead line for when i need to buy the things on my list or my shopping list will never get done because i will keep adding adding and it will be impossible for me to complete.So for now these items will be what I'm focusing on getting in the next week or so, then i will move on to my next few items.


  1. Looove your style ! (I now want all those things too) :D
    - And i LOVE both of your blogs! (def. favorites!)
    /C (Denmark)

  2. looove this wedges! you have realy brilliant style :)

  3. this would be on my shopping list too ! lovelovelove the studded headband !
    just as the others said, you've got a great style
    greetings from germany

  4. where did you find that studded headband ?
    i must know, im inlove with it now.
    and i really like your style <3

  5. I ike it. lovely blog


  6. since i am a follower of dlsw i wished that youll have a personal blog one day. :D
    you are so cute,i love your style . :)

  7. courtney, what happened to your tumblr? its gone... or is it just my computer fuckin it up?! i dont know... :(

  8. I love love that skirt..so cute



  9. love the skirt! where's it from?!

  10. i have a skirt just like that in tan :) Love Love Love.

    those shoes are cute too