Monday, July 5, 2010

comments not showing up?

for the past few hours Ive been getting notifications saying that i have comments that need to be moderated for my blog and when i click to moderate them nothing shows up, so to those who left me comments earlier i have no idea what you said because i couldn't view them. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? if you comment to tell me I'm not even sure if i will be able to read it(but still try anyway) because blogger is really messing up right now. Anyone know how to fix this problem?? hopefully comments will be working tomorrow because this sucks.


  1. I commented on a good # of posts, but I don't see them either. I'm smitten your blog, FYI. Maybe they'll show up later.

  2. hope it gets fixed soon. i wouldn't worry too much, blogger always messes up and fixes itself :)


  3. i think its working again guys! yay!!