Monday, July 19, 2010

Marie claire magazine

Hey guys someone from the Marie Claire magazine emailed me this morning asking me to share this internship oppurtunity to my readers! so check it out!

The Marie Claire accessories department is looking for great interns to work with shoes, bags and jewelry for the Fall 2010 semester (immediately through May).

The ideal candidate should be able to commit to 3 to 5 full days a week. You must also be enrolled in school and eligible for credit. The internship is unpaid.

Interns will be assisting the accessories team in the fashion closet, working with all accessories including fine jewelry. Responsibilities include checking in and returning samples, creating story boards, organizing the fashion closet, setting up for run-through, packing/unpacking for photo shoots and handling ongoing requests as needed, doing store pulls, helping to manage schedules and any other administrative work the team will need.

Candidates must be EXTREMELY organized and able to multitask in a fast paced environment. This position requires long hours so candidates must be dedicated and highly-motivated. A good attitude, attention to detail and follow through are very important.

Previous fashion experience is preferred, but not required. Please email Danielle Prescod at if interested.


  1. What an amazing opportunity!

  2. dammit and let me guess its in NY, isnt it?? all the good internships are out there. nothing is in LA anymore =/

  3. Hey, the email for Danielle Prescod doesn't work :(

  4. Hey lovely, Been following since you started, and a loyal follower to your tumblr - so I am awarding you with the sweet friend award :)
    Here is the link to my page where the details of the award are stated
    xx Sototallyblah

  5. @ briana it doesnt work? hmmm thats what she gave me i willdouble check the email again.

  6. eurgh. i wish. this is such a good opportunity though, if i lived in the states, i'd 100% be applying for this. xoxo