Friday, September 3, 2010

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This photo was taken earlier this past week when i was on my way out to meet a few friends for a couple of drinks this isn't my clearest outfit shot but i figured i haven't been able to post and outfit post lately so this will just have to do. Gah i feel like such and awful blogger but my schedule has been so crazy lately between school and working its been hard for me to set time aside to take photos of myself.I wish i could have got the chance to take a close up photo of the shirt,its a hand made shredded shirt made for me by tikied check out her blog at, i will definitely be wearing this shirt again and i will have better clearer/close up shots of the shirt because the back of it is amazing!

shirt hand made, leggings from NG shoes ebay, necklas, f21, earings borrowed frommy mom. bag thrifted.


  1. ooohh i love the jewlery! and hand made shirt, very impressive, i'm following you!

    follow back if you like what you see(:

  2. i love itttt, you look amazing,
    the shoes are awesome x

  3. all black is always a statement.
    you look fantastic!
    no worries about the sporadic posting - everyone has a life :) that just makes your posts that much more anticipated! xoxo

  4. love those shoes. i've been following this ashish pair on ebay for days now...


  5. you look very 'cool' :) I want those shoes

  6. Love those shoes with the all black outfit.

  7. Lookin good girl! Come to San Diego soon so we can hang!

  8. Hi Sweet!

    how are you?
    I started a Blog-Parade! (I dont know how it called in USA but in Germany it`s called Blog-Parade..:-)
    I would be so happy if you join it!

    Just make a Photo of you NOW!
    without change clothes or anythiing else just like you look now and post it to your blog!

    See what I mean on my blog:

  9. Hey I couldnt find DLSW ! Y look for you a lot ! And finally I found your blog! I love your pics you have a awesome style .
    I follow you.

  10. yes tikedi hand shredded shirts are amazing.. i have two of my own... and she is reasonably priced.. i paid 55 for each of my shirts.. and i love them more than anything else in my closet.. i think everyone def needs to check her out.. her twitter is @tikedi, her facebook is: ti dickenson, and her blog is

  11. i like your outfit:)

    but even though your shoes are cute...i think a pair of different heels would be more flattering<3

  12. hey,

    i miss some new outfits of you!!
    love your look!

    high 5
    your fan from germany
    natalie :-p