Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bargain finds

new bargin find 5.00 velvet mini dress
new bargin find 3.00 bdg skirt

I did a little thrifting today and found these two major pieces! A BDG corduroy skirt for only $3.00 and that's an amazing deal because i remember seeing this exact skirt at urban outfitters for around 45.00. The next piece i found was a purple velvet mini dress for only 5 bucks! I was so excited because ive been wanting to order a velvet mini online and most of them are 50.00 and up so finding this beauty for only 5 bucks made me extremely happy and keeps more money in my wallet hehe.


  1. thrifting is basically the best thing on earth. lol.

  2. Those are such great finds! The mini dress is love. I'm curious to see how you'd wear that cordy skirt. I seriously need to thrifting more often.


  3. I love that skirt. What a deal on that velvet dress! Thrifting, one of my favorite things to do. x

  4. Can't wait to see how u style them ! :D
    It's always nice to find something u've been looking for ;)