Friday, August 10, 2012

My essential FALL/WINTER bottoms.

Hello Everyone,I decided to make a post about my personal fall bottoms that i find to be the most versatile /essential in getting me through those cold months we have ahead of us.Hope ya enjoy!

1. The RIDING PANT:I own the riding pant in taupe, yellow, brown and black and these pants go with anything during the fall and winter months,My personal favorite way to style these is with a jean jacket, beanie and flat boots. Perfect shopping outfit.


2.THE DISCO PANT:I have the disco pant is black and midnight blue and i cant rave enough about how awesome these pants are. From the fit to quality, these pants are perfect and are great alternative to jeans, not to mention these pants can be styled in so many ways, you can dress them up with a sick platform for a night on the town or style them with an old pair of converse, either way you'll look Fab.


3. Leather bottoms:I cant imagine a winter with out leather. Leather just makes any outfit that much more edgier.Not to mention, leather is extremely versatile.


4. The AA easy jean: These are basicly the jean version of the disco pant. Nuff said.

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5. PATTERN PANTS:Pattern pants are a cool way to make a statement with out being over the top. Throw on a pattern pant with a leather biker jacket and chunky ankle boot and you're all set!

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6.BELL BOTTOMS:I cant even begin to explain to you how deep my love runs for bell bottoms. My fall go-to outfit is usually an oversize vintage tee, bell bottoms, wide brim hat and sick pair of sky high platforms, ughh Delicious!


7.HOT PANTS/DISCO SHORTS: In the fall/winter months i simply adore the look of throwing on a pair of hot pants with nylons, knit jumper and a chunky heeled boot.

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8.HIGH WAIST DENIM SHORTS: high waist shorts are only for the summer time,High waist shorts can very well carry over to the winter/ fall months and that why i feel they are such a necessity for not only winter/summer but to every girls wardrobe in general. In the winter time i usually like to pair my high waist shorts with over sized flannels and layer a leather jacket over it with a beanie.



  1. ive never seen the AA easy jean they look so comfy! xo

  2. Super cute! Love it!


  3. I'm loving riding pants and patterned pants lately.

    Ava Tallulah

  4. the american apparel easy jeans look amazing, absolutely must get some of these!

  5. I want the east jean so bad! x

  6. you can NEVER go wrong with leather <3

  7. Love everything! Printed pants are beast!!! Btw, love the new layout, its beautiful!

  8. I totally agree! Definitely keeping this post in the back of my mind when I go back-to-school shopping. I'm planning to go get my first pair of disco pants this week, I'm wicked excited.

  9. wait the picture of ur riding pants don't look like the colors you said you owned; if u do own those green riding pants can ya tell me if they're versatile enough (color wise) to be worth the $74 ? x

  10. you're so lucky to have so many beautiful clothes!

  11. Looking good! I rarely wear pants to be honest.. But I still love this post ^-^

  12. Great post, this gave me some good ideas. I really want some riding pants! xx

  13. so jealous of your riding pant collection!!

  14. So many riding pants :O I always go on such a hunt for them in H&M and fail every time! Maybe this year I'll have more luck :P Great post - I'm always in a fuss with what bottoms to wear around autumn time


  15. Now I am more convinced than ever purchase a pair of the aa easy jeans. I've had my eye on them for a while but you are the second person to say its a necessity.

  16. GREAT post! I seriously need to try the easy jean...

    XO Sahra

  17. You seriously have the best sense of style! i am going to come and raid your wardrobe! you have so much i want!!

  18. Wow. I was gonna make the exact same post with the exact same pants. I have black, green, and khaki riding pants, disco pants, motel baroque jeans, motel stripe jeans, and AA easy jeans. Great minds think alike!


  19. in love with every piece! xx

  20. the american apparel jeans look so comfy! i have purple riding pants and i love them to pieces!