Thursday, September 27, 2012


Tak berjudul 016 010 004 ne 019 017 I think the perfect name to describe this look i'm rocking today is gangsta-goth- ballerina lol that's exactly how i felt walking around today.I mean Doesn't it look like i should be doing pirouettes while throwing up the west side symbol? lol I kid,i kid but anyways this unif dress is one of my favorite pieces that i have in my wardrobe because it can be worn so many ways and with so many different things. I love versatile pieces they really go along way and you really get your money's worth. Today i decided to pair this dress with my new Jc shoes and to toughen this look up a bit i added a neon beanie.If ever you want to make a fancy dress look more casual, just add a beanie and that usually does the trick. As for the JC pointe shoes, a lot of people on my instagram and tumblr were asking me to post a quick review on them so here i go... The JC Pointe runs true to size, they aren't super hard to walk in but i wouldn't say that they are my easiest pair either. I just have to get use to them.The crushed velvet material is absolutely stunning in person (even better than the photo) The measurements are 5 1/2 inch heel and a 3 1/4 platform. This shoe also comes in a deep purple.I had a hard time choosing which color to go with so i decided to go with the black because black goes with everything.Like i always say, when in doubt choose black.

beanie:LA flea market
glasses:The Cobra shop
shoes:JC pointe
over sized clutch:c/o Acidness


  1. definately my favorite outfit of yours to date

  2. I absolutely adore this look and your title for it is A+! I love everything about this!

  3. Love the clutch! And I love the dark lips with the neon hat !

  4. This look in en pointe. Oh gosh I'm so clever. Just kidding, of course. ;)

    This look is so cool I can't handle it. The title is the perfect summation of everything and why I love it so much.

  5. gangsta goth? lol very cute!

  6. aaah that first picture is so nice... i keep looking at it trying to find strings holding you up or something... how did u not fall over?!? :)

  7. those shoes are to die for - you look BAD ASS

  8. Love this post so much. You need to come to LA so we can shoot each other!

  9. totallllly loving EVERYTHING about this look

    XO Sahra