Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Outfit of the day +she inside give away winner!

006 007 008 002 023 005 015 011 I seriously do not know what i would do with out my American Apparel chiffon button down blouses. I feel that these blouses are such essentials to A girl's wardrobe. Reason being because they can literally be paired with anything and everything! Pants, skirts,layered over a body con dress, ANYTHING! When ever i don't know what to throw on i always reach for one of my American Apparel chiffon blouses because no matter what you pair it with you're bound to have a nice pulled together look.How awesome is this studded bra i'm wearing? I was sent a box full awesome studded pieces fromshopchicstud.com last week and i'll be showing you guys the rest of my studded goodies in the near future!.

Be sure to check out Shopchicstud.com because she has some amazing pieces that i dont want you guys to miss out on!

Sorry i am few days late with announcing the She Inside $50 Giveaway, but the Lucky winner is Misslora! Congratulations! Someone form SheInside will be in contact with you some point this week so check ya email girl! Thank you to everyone else who entered!

In other exciting news, you all know that i am a die hard fan of Jeffrey Campbell and a few days ago the Jeffrey Campbell Instagram posted a photo of my feet in the Pointe platforms and it received 20,664 likes! Now that shit cray lol!Even though they didn't credit my photo i was still pretty excited! Tak berjudul


  1. GIRL i KNEW that picture was yours when i saw it!!! haha so awesome! this outfit is beautiful :)

  2. Your feet are so famous! Would've been nice if they'd given you credit. I love the blouse.. is there a big difference in quality between the AA black chiffon blouses and cheaper ones from somewhere like She Inside? I already have one that I wear loads so I'd like to find a better quality one xx

  3. Haha, did you discover the photo because I tagged you, or did someone else beat me to it?

    Those chiffon tops are amaaaaaazing. I have 2 and I always want more, but I know that as long as I have black and white, I'm basically set. You're right, they are so versatile. I have worn them every possible way, myself. Lol.

    Lovely outfit! I usually keep my undergarments low key when I wear my chiffon top, but I do love the studded bra. It's a really great idea, actually! Love the skirt, too. I think I've seen it floating around online in different colors. The purple is beautiful, though :)


  4. omg that picture of you laughing is so cute.. you are just gorgeous!
    even your feet get that many likes on instagram!!! haha

  5. Wow well done on the Jeffrey Campbell pic. I just visited shopchistud.com and I am loving the phone cases and bras hope your having a good day x

  6. OMG I saw JC use your picture and I was a little sad they didn't credit you considering you did those shoes BEYOND JUSTICE! Can't wait till I get paid tomorrow so I can shop till my fingers stop on MISS KL thanks to your recommendation!! haha You're soooo fab, sending lots of love from Cali!

  7. Oh! what's fashion it is. It's really very cute. Your fashion are very gorgeous.