Friday, October 12, 2012

The Harness Dress

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This unif harness dress that MISS KL sent me is hands down my favorite dress that i have ever worn through out my 23 years of life this far. This dress has such a feminine yet sexy dominatrix vibe to it and i couldn't be any more in love with that mix.Like all of unif's clothing, this dress is amazing quality and and really comfortable. I'm definitely going to buy this harness dress in all black next! As for the shoes, i cant even explain how awesome these holy stud platforms are! I Thought that the silver harness hardware mixed with silver studs on my shoes were a match made in heaven! I am utterly and completely head over heels over both of these amazing pieces.

The Details

dress:Unif Harness dress-c/o Miss KL
shoes:Jeffrey Campbbell Holy Stud platform -c/o MissKL
bag:Victorian Queen Clutch -c/o Acidness


  1. Few people would be able to pull that off but it looks great on you x

  2. You loook......WOW! A those boots are just beautiful X

  3. I just love ur style and ur blogs !!!! I get so much inspiration from here ! Kisses from Belgium

  4. loving that harness dress! gorgeous!
    Krissy xoxo

  5. That dress looks so good on Il deff be checking out MissKL website. I love picture number eight and the sock shoe combo. Have a good weekend x

  6. Beautiful outfit, it really suits you. The simple, feminine dress and "tough" accents.

  7. such a gorgeous dress! i love it!