Tuesday, November 20, 2012

012 014 016 017 JIT 015 020 My long time readers already know how much i loathe AZ weather, but one of the perks of living a year around warm climate is that I can get away with wearing tiny cut off shorts not only in the spring/ summer months but also in the winter! Distressed shorts will always be a staple in my wardrobe until my legs become too far gone to get away with wearing them anymore. These distressed shorts I'm wearing in the above photos were sent to me courtesy of the lovely Joellen of Shoptarte. Tarte vintage is an amazing little online vintage store that sells every thing ranging from, lady like vintage dresses, punked out denim vest, body suites, and some of the sickest distressed shorts you'll ever see! Shop Tarte has alot to offer so i'm sure you all will find something that you gotta have! Check it out HERE

In other news I can not stop wearing these JC ankle boots. These beauty's are on my feet at least three times a week! I never thought i would find a pair of flat shoes that i Love as much as my platforms! Never say Never right? How excited are you guys for these black friday and cyber Monday online deals? I've been spending the last couple of days making wish list on all of my favorite online sites so that way when black Friday and cyber Monday rolls around I'm already prepared! The only thing i need do now is re-size my wish list to a more reasonable and realistic amount! What stores are you guys planning to hit up on black friday and cyber Monday?

If I dont get a chance to do another post until after thanks giving,I Hope all of you beautiful people enjoy and have a Amazing Thanks Giving!

Lets just get one more look at These Amazing Tarte shorts, shall we? 001 002


  1. this outfit is so perfect, i can't even.
    i wish it wasn't freezing in Chicago so i could still wear shorts! xx

  2. I love your shirt!

  3. I don't blame you for rocking those JC boots all the time. They are so nice! I really like this outfit.


  4. Your style gets better and better. You look do bad ass!



  5. I love this outfit. i'm so jealous that you can still wear shors and dresses without tights or wearing 5000 jackets layered because otherwise you would freeze to dead

  6. you are perfect

  7. where did you get that shirt??!

  8. You are so adorable!


  9. This Outfit is absolutely sick! I think its my faveourite outfit ive seen you in that badd ass rotweiler tee with the chic smart blazer and oh my those disstressed beaties completely in love with this outfit, just bad-ass perfection! xox


  10. Sooo fabulous Courtney! This outfit reminds me of Kanye West!

  11. Hi Court! I have been reading your posts for a couple of months. It's great, really!:) You have a great sense of style!

    Recently I have also started blogging.
    If you're curious, please, check it out: antimess.blogspot.com