Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October favorites!

Hey guys! I decided to film a October favorites videos because i was inspired by a few of my favorite you tubers who do a video similar to this ever month show casing their favorites items for that month so I thought i would give it a try because it seems like fun!I know it's already November 7th and i'm barley getting my October favorites video up, but better late than never right? I'll try to film my November favorites in a more timely fashion hopefully. Enjoy!!

*I didn't realize that my camera wasn't zoomed in so i'm sorry if the beginning items are hard to see! I'm new at this so bare with me lol!


  1. yay! i love your videos! :)

  2. loved it! I would love to see more of your favorites every month and the pumpkin spice from Starbucks is magical! haha

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    Love this roundup video. Definitely do more!


  4. love that you are doing these videos!

  5. love the video, hope to see more of these!
    btw, where are those beanies from and for how much?

    p.s. regarding your wishlist post, i've seen the comme des fuckdown beanie on ebay for like less than 10 bucks but it'll take forever to ship.

  6. May I please have your closet? <333

  7. Awesome definitely so more video's <33