Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dark Side of the Moon

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These photos pretty much sum up everything i am obsessed with,coffee,high waist shorts, slouchy band tees and wide brim hats. All of those things are pretty much my standard spring/summer outfit to run around in. I know it's Nothing too exciting. It's practical,cute and light weight enough that i wont have a heat stroke here in Arizona lol!

These shots were actually taken yesterday but i am up at 2 am making this post because my friend called me and gave me some exciting news and now i am just to hyped to go to sleep so i figured i might as well work on this post for you guys! I popped into one of my favorite local stores called cheekie boutique yesterday and I have mentioned them to you guys in a few of my most recent blog post! But anyways,When i stopped by there to do a little shopping the owner was in there and i absolutely love her. Her and I can seriously talk about fashion for hours on end!It's so hard meeting people here in my town who have an equal love for fashion as i do. But the cool things is, is that she offered me 5 awesome piece to style on my blog this week because she will be launching a online website soon and we thought this would be a awesome way to promote it!The clothes that she carries at cheekie boutique are awesome and i know you guys are going to love the pieces she gave me to style! So be expecting a huge cheekie style post by the end of week!

The details
slouchy band tee:LF
high waist shorts:Thrifted Levis
skinny belt:Thrifted
hat: Urban Outfitters
Glasses:Karen Walker
bag: Alexander wang
shoes: Steve Madden Moto boots

Below are just a couple shots i took on instagram yesterday.

Instagram Username: Thestyleplaylist


These are the pieces from cheekie Boutique that i will be styling this week! Untitled


  1. I can't wait until I'm able to wear shorts!

  2. Your loves are my loves too haha, high waisted shorts are a great pleasure! The items you'll be styling are also very beautiful!


  3. Wow, the pieces that you'll be styling are amazing, especially the black dress!


  4. Omg I need a printed suit like that. Love♡♥♡♥