Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vlog friday's + style post

028 Untitled 038 Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled This vlog and these shots were both taken on Friday. No need to really talk about my day because if you watched my vlog you already saw what type of shenanigans i was up to!I forgot about how comfortable the Jeffrey Campbell Damsel shoes were. I climbed rocks and stood up for a few hours in these babies and my feet didn't hurt at all! Now that's a good shoe for ya!The necklace that i'm wearing in this post was sent to me courtesy of love and leather.When i received it last week i couldn't wait to wear it /shoot in it. It's the perfect spring/summer statement piece necklace!Feel free to brows through the beautiful Jewelry by Love And Leather HERE!

The details
Necklace:c/o love and leather
Shoes:Jeffrey Campbell "Claw damsel"

We ended up taking a bunch of photos that day but below are my 3 favorites from the bunch!

Josh David and Phuc Cao phuc cao Josh David


  1. No no no, I can not watch your Vlog because it includes music that is not allowed to be used in videos for free here in Germany. Dammit!

  2. loveee the outfit! xxx

  3. that necklace is gorgeous - you look amazing!
    also, how good looking are your friends?! You are all so beaut!!
    cant wait to watch your new vlog - love them!! :)
    (oh, you should check out the fashion giveaway on my blog too!!)

  4. The necklace is stunning! I've been looking at the JC "claw damsel" shoes for a while - they look so good on! xxxxx

  5. Loving the outfit ang your blog! xx

  6. Love that top, the necklaces, and your friends haha

  7. Love the outfit!!! In the last picture, don't you think the guy looks like Drake? X

  8. You really took some great shots! I guess it helps that Josh and Phuc seem like complete naturals in front of the camera. I'm so excited to see everything that you guys have planned and I wish you the best of luck with it!

  9. You are great girl!