Saturday, April 6, 2013

Purple Haze

027021 9871 011097 01443 03178 007867 005757 00487 If i were to describe my style in one word,I would describe it as a melting pot. I've never been the type of person who could stick to just one particular style. I love everything from Rocker-goth to monochromatic sophistication to hippie/indie bohemian.There is just too many beautiful clothes in this world so why limit myself to one look? Although i do have to say,my favorite style of mine is the more hippie side of me.I just really and truly feel 100% myself when i'm dressed in the way that i am dressed in the photos above. I think i love this style so much because i am madly in love with the 70's decade and when i was growing up my mom use to dress like this. My hippie side definitely came from my mom side of family. I love looking through my moms old photographs and seeing the way her and her sisters dressed back in the 70' and 80's. If my scanner was working i would scan some photos to show you guys how epic her style was and still is to this day.

These amazing daisy print bell bottoms are a fucking 1970's dream! These were sent to me from larissa of Miracle eye is a online store that carries new,vintage and handmade clothing. I have been a fan of Miracle eye for quite sometime now. Everything she sells is very unique and extremely eye catching. There is definitely something for everybody!I wish i would have been able to get this post up sooner because her store has so many things that one could wear to coachella!
The Details
shag jacket:Nastygal(old)
bra:Brandy Melville
daisy bell bottom:c/o Miracle eye
glasses:c/o vans
Jewelry: various stores
shoes:Jeffrey Campbell
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I'm going to leave you guys with this epic song by the one and only Jimi Hendrix.


  1. straight up perfection! this outfit is perfect and makes me even more eager for Chicago to start warming up!


  2. Whoah. This is something new. I love your pants!

  3. I love this style, it suits you so well! I hope you get your scanner working, because I'd looove to see photos of your mom.

  4. Such a babe. Thank you for the kind words, Courtney!! My mom and I are soo happy you liked the bells :)

  5. Love those pants! The hippie look is great on you :)

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