Thursday, May 16, 2013

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This outfit was actually shot a couple of days ago but i have been hard core on the go that is my first time all week that i have actually gotten a minute to myself to sit down and work on a post.This outfit is extremely comfortable and very Steven Tyler inspired don't you think?I mean the man does wear bell bottoms and kimono better than anyone i know! I Hope that things eventually start to slow down a bit so that i can update more often, but being as busy as i have been lately has been a lot of fun actually.My store sameoldchic' will be getting an entire new makeover this summer from the model to the website and a whole new change in stock! I am extremely excited! I think you guys will love it! Oh and guess what guys! I am no longer a single gal anymore!It's been forever since i have been in a relationship and i have finally found someone who has legit swept me off of my feet. I feel so silly writing about this but i am just so happy i just wanted to let you guys know lol but we will talk more about that later! I'll see you guys next post! xo

Glasses:San Diego vintage shop
muscle tee:UNIF
lace bell bottoms:San Diego vintage shop
kimono:Evil twin
shoes:Jeffrey Campbell

Dont forget to follow me on my instagram @thestyleplaylist.A lot of the times when i am unable to post my outfits on my blog or simply just don't have the time, i will still post a quick shot of my outfit on my instagram! xoxo


  1. Such a rad outfit! Eeep that's so exciting that you have a new love interest!

  2. I love your hair like this. I still don't know how I feel about lace flares but you pulled them off quite nicely x

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  3. beautiful outfit but phewwwww do you write like you talk. Take a breath, use a comma.

  4. Love the outfit! Those lace bottoms <3__<3

  5. things i would do to own this kimono!!!

  6. This is such a cool outfit, love the kimono and bell bottoms! <3

  7. do adore the glasses!

  8. Hello Courtney I'm a follower of your Instagram and tumblr and love your style but I wanted to give a little advice on your photographs as my main hobby is photography and I've been taking pictures for a couple of years now. Don't get me wrong, they are fab because your main prupose is to show the clothes you are wearing at that moment but as you take your own photos outside when is obvs sunny so people can see the colour of them. What I want to say is that you take your pics in a too-much sunny atmosphere. In my opinion I'd try to do it in not so sunny because sometimes too much light is bad because you don't get the exact colour of the -in your case- clothes. I'm saying this for the better, don't get me wrong! I'd choose another time of the day to take them but if you have not the time I understand. And of course is just my opinion!
    Lots of Love from Ibiza (Spain) xx

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    I'd really appreciate it if you would check it out :)