Monday, October 7, 2013

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I think i have finally passed my morning sickness stage and it feels great to wake up and actually feel normal and healthy. I was starting to forget what it felt like.I thought i would bring my new Jc Scully's out to play today and i freaking love them! They aren't his most comfortable shoe but the look of them makes up for all of that. I love the fact that they have that tire grip bottom because it makes it less likely for me to fall, and falling while pregnant is a something you really don't wanna do. This outfit isn't my ideal outfit of what i wanted to pair with these shoes but since i was running around doing errands i wanted something really causual and comfortable. I cant wait to pair these shoes with an all white outfit. I think that will look pretty incredible.

beanie:Forever21 (similar Here)
jersey:Forever21 (similar Here)
jeans:Zara (similar Here)
shoes:Jeffrey Campbell Scully (Here )
bag:Marc by Marc Jacobs
glasses:Jeremy Scott Dupes (Here)


  1. omg those are the coolest sunglasses! Love them

  2. Haha they are definitely up there on the painful list but they are so rad I don't even care!

  3. Now that you're soon to be a mom, will you still be ok about being known as the dirty little style whore?

  4. Those shoes are incredible, I love it when they have grips too haha <3

  5. Cool outfit! Love the shoes!

  6. Those shoes are amazing! Love this outfit hun xx