Wednesday, December 18, 2013

028 014 re 025 027 Hey guys! I know it's been ages since i last posted and i feel like i have been starting every post with that statement lately so i need to to try and be a better blogger but i have just been so busy with preparing to be a mom so that's been my main priority, plus i just don't have the energy i use to have. Blogging is alot of work, and boy do i miss being able to do regular updates! I am close to 7 months now so i am getting closer and closer yay! Work and of course the holiday seasons has been keeping me very busy as well but at least i have all of my Christmas shopping done so now i can take it easy and maybe try to shoot out a post or two a week but i'm not making any promises.These photos were shot close to a month ago so my baby bump is even bigger then this now! You guys will witness that next post!Just in case i don't get a chance to chat with you guys before the holidays,i hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


How awesome is this cross body bag that i'm wearing? It was sent courtesy of 417 NYC and it has honestly been my go-to bag. I haven't worn another bag since i got this one! Make sure give their bags a look HERE

The details
Hat:Revolve clothing
black slip dress:Zara
bag:c/o 417NYC


  1. you look amazing courtney! good luck with everything!! Its been awesome following along with your life the past few years and I hope you stick to blogging after the baby comes (cause lets face it, babies make every photo better!)


  2. You just look to die for. Pregnancy really becomes you doll you look so Good!

  3. You look amazing! I love the kimono, you look so summery and i'm ridiculously jealous!

  4. You look amazing, I love this outfit and the colors on the tye dye print kimono. Happy holiday's.

  5. never seen anyone rock a baby bump as well as you do!
    love this look (gimme your bag!!!!)
    have a lovely christmas girl :-)

    emma xxx

  6. You look stunning honey!!

    I just check out your blog and i'm in love with your style! I just opened my own blog, can you please check it out? Thanks!

  7. Fab prints on your dress. One hot mamma.


  8. I LOVE IT !! I love your blog! is soooo chic!

    how about follow each other, let me know I will follow back :)

    xoxo from Spain

  9. I love love love the kimono, it looks gorgeous on u!

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