Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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flowy halter: Forever21
arm band: H&M
Turquoise necklace:Vintage
shoes: Jeffery Campbell

I don't know about you guys but i am low key obsessed with halter tops this season! I totally died and went to heaven when i found this floral over sized boho halter at forever21 a couple of weeks ago!It's rare that you see a halter top in this particular style because 90% of halters are cropped and fitted. This flowy halter also look quite amazing with bell bottoms! Another item i am currently obsessing over is upper arm bands! I was so stocked when i found the gold upper arm band for 10 bucks at H&M!Get ready to see tons of outfit post featuring different styles of upper arm bands because they are pretty much the perfect summer accessory and i cant get enough!


  1. Love this look, absolutely flawless!!

  2. omg!! i really like your hat!! and that blouse is so sexy. :)