Saturday, August 23, 2014

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I have always been obsessed with bell bottoms since i was a young teen. I seriously blame my mom for my bell bottoms and all things boho obsession. IT's crazy how bell bottoms really exploaded fashion this summer because it makes them so much easier to find now! These vibrant colorful bells that i'm wearing to day are seriously so much fun! I have a ton of different ways i plan on styling these! I also love how the base background is black so i can totally rock these all through out fall and winter with a bad ass vintage tee and leather! The options are endless.Oh and this is just a fair warning that i will be doing a ton of bell bottom post coming up because that's pretty much all i have been stocking up on lately. See ya next post!


blouse: vintage

hat: free people

jewlery:pylo and h&m

sunglasses: saltwater gypsy

bell bottoms: spell design

kimono cape: mom's via gypsy warrior

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