Monday, September 29, 2014

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You are beautiful. Own it. Walk like your hips move mountains.

I have been really into the whole 90's floral maxi look lately, and just about every site online sells them for 80$ up but luckily i bumped into this one for under 20$ at my local vintage shop! I decided to pair it with my favorite free bird distressed boots to add a more chill and laid back vibe to the dress. I think i'll get quite a bit of wear out of it through out the winter because it is black based and would look great paired with a beanie, leather jacket and doc martens!Not to mention it is extremely comfortable and perfect to just throw on and head out the house when you're in a rush. I have never worn as many maxi dresses as i have with in these last couple of months. I am obsessed. Oh and by the way, why havent you guys told me how amazing netflix is? I have been hearing about it for forever and i finally set up this weekend and i have been hooked to my television ever since. It's safe to say that Orange is the new black is my new favorite show! Totally hooked!

The details

hat:free people

dress: vintage

boots: freebirds

necklace: pylo

glasses: C/O ZeroUV


  1. OMG! Your floral maxi is everything. So jel right now. *pouts* "IT'S NOT FAIR, I WANT ONE TOO." Looool! x

  2. You're lucky you just discovered will never get your life back, LOL!
    LOVE those boots too, the color is awesome.

    xo, Manda
    Ice on the Gold