Sunday, May 10, 2015

mothers day

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What i'm wearing....

blouse:Free People

jeans: Carmar denim via LFstores ( sold out)

jewelry: Different layered necklaces from forever21 and urban outfitters (sold out)

bralette: privatearts lingerie

shoes:Dolce Vita


Mother's day has always been on of my favorite holidays, mainly because my mother and I are like sisters and it just gives me another reason to shower her with love and presents. Now that i am a mom and i have my own little munchkin, this holiday is even more special! Today my baby boy let me sleep in until 8 am this morning! Those of you who don't have any kids do not realize how truly amazing ans special it is when you actually get to sleep in because normally Noah has me at at 6:30 am everyday! So i thought it was really cute that today on mothers day that he just so happen to let me get a extra 2 hours of sleep! I hope everyone hugged their mama super tight today and showered her with tons of kisses and presents! I know i sure did!


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  1. Lovely! Have a nice week sweetie!

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  2. AMAZING! insane outfit