Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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My long time followers all know that i am completely obsessed with Leopard print, so you all could Imagine my excitement when i opened up this package i was sent from ALYSSMN with this beautiful Leopard print dress inside! The fabric on this dress simply amazing, i mean look how big those spots are! Genius i tell you!!I'm sure my American Followers aren't as familiar with Alyssmn as my Australian followers are. Alyssmn is an up and coming incredibly popular store located in Australia and get this guys... The owner of this fabulous store is only 20 years old! If thats not super inspiring i don't know what is! One of my many dreams is to own my own boutique someday and learning about the talented young lady behind Alyssmn just getS me even more pumped/ motivated to fulfill my dream! Make sure you all check her out HERE and like her on facebook HERE and check out her Tumblr HERE! You dont want to miss out on all of her Amazing-ness!

The details
dress:c/o Alyssmn
cardigan: Sameoldchic
shoes:Jeffrey Campbell-c/o MissKl


  1. Those shoes are amazing

  2. That sweater is absolutely amazing. I'm in love with it!

    Style Infatuation

  3. Love the cardigan and boots, you look gorgeous! xo

  4. That dress is beautif! So is the cardigan! Xx