Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Celebrate The difference

027 Tak berjudul 011 kop 010 023 035 Boy have i had a insanely busy week so far! But being productive is a great feeling because it just gets you closer to where ya wanna be! I have been adding so many new things to SameOldChic' this week and my little sister has been modeling all of my sameoldchic' clothing that Her tiny little body looks amazing in!! Most of the new items are already sold out but i'll be adding a bunch of great stuff tomorrow so make sure to check back! This look that i'm rocking today is a more "street" than my normal looks that you guys are use to seeing me in. I actually received a ton of compliments on my new Civil snapback that I was sent courtesy of civil clothing.. I was actually sent a box full of civil goodies that i'll be posting about through out this next week! Civil Clothing has a bunch of cool graphic tees and snapbacks that i think most of you will like! You can find civil products on karmaloop,pacsun,dolls kill and Metro park!!

snapback:c/o Civil Clothing(thanks Omar!) you can buy HERE
pants:American apparel riding pants
flannel:Urban outfitters
cross earrings:urban outfitters
shoes:Unif Hellbounds


  1. crazy sexy cool!

  2. You look GORGEOUSS. Love the hat and shirt xo

  3. amazing!! you always look effin amazing xx

  4. I love the exposed bra! It's something I never really think about when wearing low arm-hole tops but maybe I should invest in some pretty and printed triangle bras to add more detail and interest to a low armhole tee.

  5. Love the ensemble. I've been dressing a little more street sometimes, too. (Blame my JC sneaker wedges, hahaha). Loving the leopard brim on the hat. Looks great with your hellbounds!


  6. The street look looks good on you. you look amazing in everything you wear and that snap back is hot.


  7. LOVE the touches of leopard print.


  8. you look truly badass, if you ever come to LA we should hang :)

  9. you are awesome! liking your sense of style xx

  10. looooove this outfit!
    Bemsy x