Saturday, October 27, 2012

SaltWater Gypsy

038 023 013 018 042 025 010 028 047 043 I have been obsessed with kimonos for as long as i can remember. I have actually collect quite a few unique kimonos over the past couple years that i will always cherish and probably even pass down to my future kids one day.I find the best kimonos when vintage shopping in the San Diego or LA area, but luckily when i was browsing through etsy a few months ago i came across this etsy store called Saltwater gypsy and this etsy store carries some of the most awesome vintage clothing and the probably the most beautiful kimonos i have ever laid eyes on! I was more than thrilled when Christine from SaltWater Gypsy contacted me to gift me with one of her drop dead amazing kimonos!! Christine has such a large variety of kimonos to choose from you guys seriously need to check her out HERE! You can also find salt water gypsy at Project urban renewal store located at Space 15 twenty in hollywood and other selected Urban Outfitters!
The Details
floppy hat: C/O Vans
Kimono:C/O Saltwater Gypsy
Muscle tank:C/O Civil Clothing
glasses:C/O Saltwater Gypsy
lace bell bottoms:vintage
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell platforms- LF


  1. want that kimono!
    beautiful as always! xx

  2. You've been looking mighty good in all these things companies have been gifting you lately ;) haha, perfect outfit!

  3. Love your lace bell bottoms! They're gorgeous!

  4. I love this! The hat is gorgeous xo

  5. such a gorgeous outfit! i'd love for you to post more wintery looks/outfits for super cold weather... but i know thats stupid to ask because you obviously live somewhere thats hotter than here... anyways, you're amazing!

  6. Cute outfit! I love the pants!

  7. i LOVE your blog!!! your street fashion is beautiful :) much love from Las Vegas!!!
    -Jasmine O.

  8. Thank You for the amazing feature! We love love this!


  9. that kimono is SO STUNNING!

    XO Sahra


  10. love the kimono, always trying to find the perfect one!

  11. wow this is a stunning look! love the kimono n its colors.