Wednesday, January 23, 2013

002 006 010 005 011 I just realized today how many black and white striped motel rocks items that i have. I think its around 5 or 6 pieces or so? I just love playing around with the classic black and white stripped pattern, i find that particular pattern extremely easy to style. In other exciting news i went to go buy a pair of camo skinny's today and i was actually able to fit into a size one you guys! Like i couldn't believe it i think i had to check the tag like 5 or 6 times to make sure i wasn't dreaming because just a few months ago i was buying size 5 jeans! The funny thing is i haven't really been trying to loose weight. I have just been trying to eat clean and tone up a bit by doing Pilates and roller blading every night. haha but yea i just thought i would share that exciting news with you all. Be sure to check my store SameOldChic tomorrow for a bunch of really cute updated stock!

The details
jumper:c/o sheinside
skirt:c/o motel rocks
bowler hat:salvation army
bag:Forever21 (old)
shoes:unif hellbounds


  1. You always kill it! Where did you get your camo pants from? I have been looking for one for ages. Please help :)

  2. Motel's black and white stripes are the best I've come across. I have two, myself. I love the jumper with the skirt...very simple and then your Hellbounds steal the show ;)

    Also, I totally feel you in the losing weight thing! I've just been eating less junk (and not exercising because I have a knee injury and I'm scared to start running again, hahahahaha) but I'm an XS in Motel and American Apparel now when I was wearing a 7 in Levis not long ago (all my Levi's are HUGE now!). Sooo, exciting. Congrats to you! :)

  3. I just bought that same jumper. Love it! And those blue hellbounds :)

  4. Congrats on fitting into a size 1! I love the sweatshirt by the way!

    Ava Tallulah

  5. I was totally about to get a t-shirt that had the exact same design on it! haha I love it!
    Style Infatuation

  6. That sweatshirt is insane - I LOVE it! Your ring is gorgeous too xo

  7. Aw congrats! you look great!
    It's always an amazing feeling to feel fit and healthy. I should probably work on that more, all my snacking and laying around isnt helping haha

    xo ohsokatieli

  8. Awesome outfit, you always look great!

  9. perfection as usual. and roller-blading sounds like an awesome way to stay in shape!

  10. that sweater is perfection and I need it <3

    XO Sahra

  11. Loving the skirt an shoes