Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm alive!!!

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I feel like such a horrible fashion blogger because i haven't updated in close to a month! My sincere apologies to all of my readers for my lack of updates! A lot of you have been emailing me and writing me on tumblr asking if i'm alright and saying how you've missed my posting and i just want to say thank you for that!My day schedule has just been insane lately and by the time i finally get time to myself, it's night time and i can't shoot,so that's been extremely frustrating! Things are still kinda hectic but i'm going to do my best to post as frequently as i possibly can so just hang in there with me! Even though i haven't been able to document my outfits lately, I've been living in tiny summer dresses like the one in the above photos!I picked up this dress from pacsun the other day and its by Brandy Melville. Pacsun just started carrying selected Brandy pieces in their store so i'm excited about that because the closes brandy to me is two hours away. I know you can order online to, but it's always nicer when you can just go into the store and walk right out with your purchase.

The details
dress:Brandy Melville via pacsun
Shredded maxi cardigan:c/o Tikedi
hat:urban outfitters
leg garter: c/o dark moon cult
boots: vintage
I also added tons of awesome pieces to my store Sameoldchic' including,Jeffrey Campbell,Wildfox couture and much more!! Check it out HERE!


  1. i love those boots, good to have you back :)

  2. Obsessed with that shredded cardigan, you look amazing as always!

  3. Welcome back! Killer killer outfit! and I need that hat!

  4. I love your style! You look so effortless and amazing. I also love the background, Arizona looks very beautiful....and HOT! xx

  5. Very stylish outfit, totally loving this xx

  6. i love the whole leg garter thing but im a bit scared to try. i loooove it on you!


  7. So great! It is hard for me to find leather jackets in this style in stores while I really love its design and quality. I am super happy with what I get from, and will keep my attention to it.