Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blue Devil

0218 001888 0126701490> 01370 008879 Since publicly announcing my pregnancy yesterday, i was overwhelmed by all of the love and support that i received from my readers on both blogspot,tumblr and even instagram!I just couldn't believe the out powering of love and support that i received from you all and it really touched my heart. Thank you all so very much!

I'm trying to get all of my crop tops and tiny shorts/ fitted clothing worn before my belly gets to big for such outfits lol. Do any of you happen to know of any good online maternity shops that sell classy yet hip pregnancy clothes? If you do then please leave a name or link in the comments i need to start stocking up on a few basics!

Outfit Details
crop jersey:c/o Love Jones Reconstruct
cardigan:c/o Tikedi
hat:c/o Badass clothing
shorts:c/o bitching and Junkfood
shoes:Jeffrey Campbell Pointe

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  1. Congrats Courtney! You're going to be the best Mommy evaaa! I'll keep a look out for some cute shops for you <3 Miss your outfit posts and super cute outfit!

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. aaaah congrats!! another blogging lady that's 17 weeks along is hannah from and she's been blogging and videoing her pregnancy so you should have a look!! :)

  3. Congrats! That's so crazy! And I can't wait to see your maternity style xxoo


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  4. It's going to be so fun to see your maternity style. Congratulations!

    xx Jasmine

  5. congratulations courtney! I have followed your blogspot, instagram and tumblr for quite a while now and i almost feel like i know you personally (kind of weird i know haha sorry!) and this is such exciting news. cant wait to see the updates from you during this journey! xxx

  6. Asos has a great maternity section!

  7. Congratulations Courtney!!! You are gonna be the most stylish momma ever! :)


    XOXO Sade

  8. Love these shorts so much! They're too cute.

    ASOS has a good maternity section! Things go on sale all the time, too. I've been looking out for my sister as well...she's about 10 weeks prego with twins!

  9. Congrats! As a the mom of a 5 year old my suggestion for maternity wear is to NOT buy maternity wear. You can easily wear the loose/tunic style tops you own already. For when your belly grows, just buy a larger size in regular clothing.

    Before I was pregnant I was a size 10. I would purchase plus size clothing versus maternity clothing because I could find stylish items yet I could also save money in the long run.

    However, if you do want some unique maternity wear, check out ASOS, A Pea In The Pod (it's super expensive though), HATCH, and even Target has some cute basics.

    Hope this helped!


  10. Asos has great maternity wear! I don't know many others but I hope that helps. Looking great boo! <3

  11. ASOS maternity is great and take a look at, also just buy larger sizes than you normally would. It works.

  12. FUN outfit!!! Love the shorts and sunglasses!!!!! So cute.

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  13. congrats !] those shoes & the primary colors


  14. Read fashion bananas . Com she dresses her baby bump super cute !

  15. You are going to be the coolest mum ever!

    I am loving this outfit btw, those shorts are so fun!

    your sunglasses are amazing as well!

    emmie :) xx

  16. this is so cute <3

  17. Love your style. These shorts are amazing! ^_^
    new subbie,
    Maria //

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