Wednesday, October 9, 2013


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Majority of my outfit today is from Free people.Free people is definitely high up there on my favorites stores/brands. I just love their whole boho chic but still clean cut and classy vibe that all of their clothes posses.I have always been a sucker for military jackets so when i came across this one from free people i knew i had to make it mine no matter the cost. The chiffon shag detailing at the bottom of the coat was the big selling point for me. I mean How often do you come across a military jacket that looks like this? My little distressed ankle boots are also from free people and i can't even begin to tell you how much i love these cuties! Comfort, quality and cuteness all at once!Free People just knows how to do it.

Ps. I was gonna film a collective haul this weekend but i have already been sporting some of my new buys in these outfit post, are you guys still interested in seeing my new buys or should i just blog about them? Let me know!

The details
Military Jacket:Free People(Here)
Leather shorts:Little black boot storenvy (Here)
shoes:Free People (Here)


  1. I like your boots, and whole outfit ! :)

  2. The jacket is so beautiful! Love the look

  3. Cool outfit!

  4. That jacket is incredible! And I love your haul videos!


  5. What a unique jacket, it looks great on you!

    xx Jasmine