Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jersey Girl

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This week has been an extremely busy week for me! Last night i went around to local boutiques with Karina pulling clothes for this weekends fashion gala and later this afternoon we are having a huge dress rehearsal for all the models and probably another one tomorrow as well because the fashion show is Saturday night! The dress that i will be wearing on Saturday to this event is super gorgeous so fingers crossed that i will have time to snap up some photos of my outfit that day! Since majority of my day today will be spent styling models and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off i wanted to make sure that i was going to be dressed super comfortable but still stylish. So what did i do? I opted for another head to toe free people outfit again lol! This over sized jersey paired with the knee high Jc's should do the trick. Wish me luck that everything goes smoothly and as planned at this model fitting today!

The Details
Jersey:Free people (Here)
coin necklace:Free people (similar version here)
cow head necklace:local vintage shop
knee high combat boots:Jeffrey Campbell via Free people (Similar versions Here)


  1. love that jersey! its sporty but still boho because of the fabric.

    you are looking so cute lately girl! can't wait to see the little one :) and congrats!

    xx. Paige

  2. Your style is getting so refined! It's always been great but these tweaks you've been making lately are looks sooooo thought out and put together. The boots are gorgeous!

  3. Your taste in shoes is way too good!

  4. so happy you're back to blogging regularly! x

  5. I was just wondering what size you got the jersey in?