Friday, October 4, 2013

The Scully Platform

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It's seriously been months since i last bought a fresh pair of Jeffrey Campbells! Majority of the shoes online have just been really boring and basic to me so i just stopped purchasing shoes for a while but then i spotted The Jeffrey Campbell scully platform and I just knew i had to make them apart of my shoe collection! I think one of the reasons i was drawn to them is because they remind me of the Celine platform and i am pretty much obsessed with everything Celine. Her shoes are so magical but sadly out of my price range so when i saw these scully platforms, i didn't hesitate to get out my credit card. I have so many outfits planned for these babies and i can't wait to get back to regular posting next week!


  1. They look so good! I've seen them around but I haven't felt the need to get them. Maybe that'll come soon...maybe not, haha. I'm sure you'll do great things with them :) I totally agree with you about boring shoes, though! I haven't wanted a pair in sooooo long, besides the Spring '13 Wangs I got this week. Before that, it's been quite a few months.

  2. this are absolutely amazing, I want a pair!! x

    Silver Electrons

  3. Love them! JC´s have the best designs ever!