Friday, May 30, 2014

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The details
glasses: Karen Walker
Jewlery: is either vintage or a mixture from various stores
Lace poncho: Thrifted
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
purse: vintage

Two items in my wardrobe that i just can't get enough of is my turquoise squash blossom necklace and these free people X Jeffery Campbell lace ups! Both of these two piece i feel just make any outfit that much better, especially when worn together! Lately i have been layering and mixing prints like crazy and i think that is because my style in the fall and winter is more on the minimal side that when summer comes around i just like to have fun and mix pattern and prints and layers!I was watching savages the other day staring Blake lively and this outfit was definitely!inspired be her in that movie!Can anyone recommend a good camera that films, that has really good quality but reasonably price? The camera thaat i use to film my hauls with recently broke so i am in need of a new one so i can start filming my hauls again since so many of you seem to enjoy them! Let me know kiddos!

Instagram outfit shots! follow me on instagram! @THESTYLEPLAYLIST

image 1168778_1416095422007890_462427309_n KLVFKF


  1. So gypsy like! :D
    Love the colors of the outfit, especially the pink, so eye catching! :D I love the print of your head scarf, and loooove the sunnies! ♥
    My mom was passing by me and while I was looking at your pictures, and she pointed out saying she loved your necklace! :D lol

    i don't know any video camera that would be good :/

  2. totally not my style but looks good on you! these shoes are amazing, I mean they are ugly at the first sight but they make legs look fantastic :D super!

  3. Hey lady,
    I know you shoot with a Nikon, but isn't it a dSLR? You should be able to record with it. I've seen a few vloggers use theirs for videos.

  4. Loving the colors! And I love the hint of lace to the outfit. Once my financial aid money comes, I'm so doing a Jeffrey Campbell shopping therapy. I mean, I can't believe I still don't own a pair!

    As for the camera, I'm not sure if you're looking for a webcam or an actual camera. There's only one on my mind and that's Nikon1 J3. I had my eye on that baby for a while lol. Hope that helps!♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  5. very nice look! love the lace poncho! you look great!

  6. So much amazing turquoise!

  7. The necklace with the matching ring is too cute! I'm happy you're back to posting more often.