Sunday, June 1, 2014

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The Details

Glasses:C/O ZeroUV

blouse: Urban outfitters
pants:c/o GJG Denim
shoes:Jeffery Campbell
Jewelry:forever21 and h&m
This outfit or some form of this combination is my go-to when i just have absolutely no idea what to wear or simply don't have the energy to even care! With being a new mom, there are plenty of mornings that my little one keeps me busy and i just have to throw on something and go and this is usually it! I think every girl should keep a few over sized slouchy tees and a great pair of fitting black skinny's in her wardrobe! At the moment i am really obsessed with cotton over sized circle shirts like the one i am wearing in this photo! They're so practical yet stylish and super easy to style! And not to mention, extremely mommy- friendly for all of you blogger moms out there! Mt favorite places to get circle over sized shirt are urban and freepeople! I know i have already said this, but man! It feels so good to me back to blogging again! Definitely starting to feel like my old self again!


  1. I think having an extra piece of the same clothing in black is essential lol. I totally agree with having black skinnies as a go-to because I know everyone has those days where they just don't care what they're wearing, I know I do lol. Those are my forever favorite JCs! Love the outfit! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. You look so amazing Court! I love how you wear all black. <3

  3. Your boots are so cool!

  4. INCREDIBLE boots! *drools* Lol.

    Courtney from Two Looks, One London .x.

  5. I looooove this outfit! So edgy!
    Great shoes and necklace

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  9. Amazing outfit ! It fits you very well ! X


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