Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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I said in a few post down that i was thinking of doing a birthday video haul but now i don't really see the point since i've pretty much been wearing my presents in these past few post haha! The stunning bells that i am wearing above are from novella royale which was another lovely gift i received on my birthday last week! Being that i am new mom with a 6 month year old it's extremely hard to actually find time in the morning to get dressed and look the way I want because my little boy keeps me so incredibly busy!When getting dressed i have a insanely short amount of time to pull a look together and get out the door. That's another huge reason as to why i am so in love with boho style because believe it or not it's actually extremely "mommy friendly" due to the loose soft and usually flowy nature of the clothes! So to any new moms out there that have a small window of time to get dressed in the morning, i suggest investing in a few bells, flowy dresses, kimonos, oversized slouchy tees and maxi skirts! If you have these few essentials in your wardrobe it will seriously save a lot of time in the morning and you''l still look put together and stylish! See ya next post!



kimono/cardigan: Urban sale section

tank: free people(old)

bells: Novella Royale

jewlery: The short silver choker necklace:forever21

silver short crescent moon necklace:https://www.etsy.com/shop/lilacsinthesunshop

long silver crescent moon necklace: waiste vintage

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