Saturday, September 6, 2014

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Usually when wearing bell bottoms i like to dress them down with a oversized slouchy tee, distressed ankle boots and some funky jewelry, But since i was attending a show later that evening i decided to dress the bells up a bit more than usual with a fun halter top and a crazy gypsy women belt! Out of my huge bell bottoms collection, these novella's have got to be my favorite hands down! The coloring and print on these bad boys is everything! I can waist to style these bells with huge cableknit sweater and a wide brim fedora for the fall/winter! See ya next post! tumblr_nbfveiw1P31qcvgt5o1_500 tumblr_nbg914LZVb1qcvgt5o1_500

The Details

hat: free people

halter: Gypsy warrior

belt:Free people

kimono:Nasty Gal

bells:Novella Royale

glasses: Rayban wayfarer

ps. when i list the details of my outfits would you prefer if instead of me writing them out i also provide actual click through links on where to buy? Let me know!

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