Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Not everyone is going to want, accept, or know how to receive your energy. Make peace with that and keep on. Man oh man! I can't believe today is october 1st! 2014 really did fly by! All we have left is Halloween,ThanksGiving and christmas then we're gonna be in an entire new year before we Know it!So crazy! Anyways i picked up this black base sunflower crop top from the amazing and i mean AMAZING Sale the LF was having a few weeks back! You guys know how much i love my black base floral print, and the fact that it had huge sunflowers all over it totally sold me! I have been getting so much wear out of this black maxi skirt lately. It seriously looks good with anything!I usually don't wear too many dupes but when i spotted these dupe version of the Tropolie boot by jeffrey campbell at forever21 about a year back i had to swoop!The real boots cost 250 and these dupes look pretty much identical and for under 30$ Why not? I usually hate pairing black and brown together but for some reason i felt like that color blend actually worked for this look. The details

hat:Free people

blouse: LF

Skirt:Urban outfitters

boots: Forever21

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  1. These colors are definitely working together beautifully for you! Love this outfit - I used to have those shoes as well but sold them and you're making me regret it! Haha. Would love to hear your opinion on my latest look on the blog!

    xoxo Sara

  2. love love love all your arm candy , looks so good on you! Gosh your so gorgeous!